Akeru's 2006 Art Exhibition "Houses"
at Open-Air Gallery "The Flying Saree"
next to Park Hyatt on the beach, Arossim, Goa, India
(February 12 - March 10, 2006)
Cansaulim の St.Thomas School の子供たちの絵も同時に展示

I'm Akeru, from Japan.

Nineteen years ago I married a Goan
and visited Goa for the first time.
The green of the uncountable coconut trees
and exotic houses caught my eye.
When I visited Goa again a year later,
I wandered around Cansaulim village
with my camera and baby tied to my back.
I'm honoured to be able to have an exhibition
of my paintings of houses here in Goa
after all these years.

I'm also very happy to inform you
about the children's paintings .
All children are mini-Picassos.
I'm sure you'll enjoy their paintings.


More Paintings/もっと絵を見る

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