Akeru's Exhibition "Houses in Goa"
at Asian Restaurant LAMP in Osaka, Japan
(July 1~ July 31, 2006)
2006 鳥図明児(ととあける)作品展
(大阪、アジアのおばんざい藍布 にて、2006年7月1日〜7月31日 )

Welcome to my exhibition!

Nineteen years ago when I got married my husband and I visited Goa for the first time. The green of the uncountable coconut trees and exotic houses caught my eye. When I visited Goa again a year later, I wandered around Cansaulim village with my camera and baby tied to my back.

In February this year I had an exhibition of my paintings of Goan houses in Goa. For the exhibition, my husband and I created an open-air gallery on the Arossim beach using 50 sarees. We were interviewed by two TV channels and one of my paintings appeared in a newspaper.

This is my first exhibition in Osaka. "Asian Food LAMP" is my friend's restaurant. Please stop by and enjoy an Indian curry, and my paintings, too. I hope this exhibition will help a bit to make people more interested in Goa and India.

Toto Akeru (Akeru Barros-Pereira)

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